Does iMessage Notify the Sender When a Photo is Saved? Find Out Here!


Michael Collins

So, you’re curious whether iMessage notifies the sender when you save a photo they’ve sent you, right? Let’s get straight to the point: the simple answer is no. iMessage does not send a notification to the sender when you save a photo. Now, isn’t that a relief? But let’s explore this topic a bit more, shall we?

Steps to Saving a Photo in iMessage

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s briefly explain what you’ll achieve by following these steps. You’ll learn how to save a photo from iMessage to your device without the sender knowing.

Step 1: Open the iMessage Conversation

Open the conversation where the photo was sent.

When you’re in the conversation, simply tap on the photo you want to save. This will bring it up in full-screen view.

Step 2: Save the Photo

Press and hold the photo until options appear, then select "Save."

After you select "Save," the photo will be saved to your device’s photo gallery or camera roll. The sender won’t receive any notification about this action.

After completing these steps, the photo will be securely saved to your device. You can view it anytime in your photo gallery without the sender ever knowing.

Tips for Managing Photos in iMessage

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when dealing with photos in iMessage.

  • If the photo is in a high-quality format, it might take up a significant amount of storage space, so keep an eye on your available memory.
  • Remember that when you delete a conversation, any unsaved photos will be lost. Make sure to save those precious memories!
  • It’s always good practice to ask for permission before sharing someone else’s photo, even if iMessage doesn’t notify the sender when you save it.
  • Keep your software updated to ensure you have the latest iMessage features and privacy settings.
  • You can also share the photo directly from iMessage to your social media or with other contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does iMessage tell you when someone screenshots your conversation?

No, iMessage does not notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your conversation.

Can the sender see if I forward their photo in iMessage?

No, the sender can’t see if you forward their photo to someone else through iMessage.

What happens if I accidentally delete a saved photo?

Once a photo is deleted, it’s gone unless you have a backup of your device or the photo saved elsewhere.

Is there a way to save all photos from an iMessage conversation at once?

Yes, you can go to the details of the conversation and select "See All Photos" and then save them from there.

Can I prevent others from saving photos I send in iMessage?

No, once you’ve sent a photo in iMessage, the recipient can save it without your knowledge.


  1. Open the iMessage conversation.
  2. Save the photo by pressing and holding it, then selecting "Save."


In the world of instant messaging, privacy is a big concern for many of us. It’s comforting to know that iMessage respects that by not notifying the sender when we save photos from our conversations. We can keep those candid shots, cherished memories, and funny memes without the sender being any the wiser. However, it’s important to remember that this works both ways. Just as you can save photos discreetly, so can the recipients of your photos. It’s always wise to be cautious about what we share, even in seemingly private conversations.

To sum it up, iMessage is a powerful tool for communication, offering a slew of features that enhance our chatting experience. Remember, it’s our responsibility to use these features wisely and respect the privacy of others. So next time you save that photo from iMessage, rest assured that the sender won’t get a notification. But also remember, the photos you send out are just as saveable. Happy texting!