Enjoying Featured Photos on Your iPhone 13: A Visual Guide


Michael Collins

Enjoying featured photos on your iPhone 13 is a fun and easy way to relive your favorite memories. In just a few steps, you can set up your iPhone to showcase your best shots right on your lock screen. You’ll be smiling every time you pick up your phone!

Step by Step Tutorial: Enjoying Featured Photos on Your iPhone 13

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re aiming for. The iPhone 13 has a nifty feature called "Featured Photos" that automatically displays a rotating selection of your best photos on your lock screen. It’s like having a digital photo frame right in your pocket!

Step 1: Open the Photos app

First things first, open the Photos app on your iPhone 13.

Within the Photos app, you’ll find a vast array of memories captured over time. The app is smart enough to know which photos you might want to see again, and it can even surprise you with pictures you forgot you had!

Step 2: Tap on the ‘For You’ tab

Next, tap on the ‘For You’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

The ‘For You’ tab is where the magic happens. It’s where your iPhone curates collections, memories, and more, just for you. It’s personalized and tailored to your photo library, so it feels incredibly special.

Step 3: Scroll down to ‘Featured Photos’

Then, scroll down until you see the ‘Featured Photos’ section.

‘Featured Photos’ is a handpicked selection by your iPhone, based on your past viewing habits, the people in the photos, and much more. It’s like having an AI best friend who knows just what you’d like to see.

Step 4: Enjoy your rotating selection of photos

Now, sit back and enjoy as your iPhone displays a rotating selection of your photos on your lock screen.

What happens after you complete this action is simple: every time you glance at your iPhone 13’s lock screen, you’ll see a different featured photo. It’s a pleasant surprise that can brighten your day, remind you of good times, or just make you appreciate the beauty captured in your photo gallery.

Tips: Making the Most of Featured Photos on Your iPhone 13

Here are some tips to enhance your experience with Featured Photos:

  • Regularly update your photo library with new images to keep the Featured Photos fresh.
  • If there’s a particular photo you don’t want to be featured, you can remove it from the selection.
  • Use the ‘Favorite’ feature in your Photos app to increase the chances of those photos being featured.
  • Play around with the editing tools in the Photos app to make your pictures look their best.
  • Share your Featured Photos with friends and family to spread the joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose specific photos to be featured?

No, the Featured Photos are automatically chosen by your iPhone based on your photo library.

The selection process is pretty smart, though. It looks at factors like the people you take pictures with most often, the places you’ve been, and even the photos you’ve viewed or edited recently.

How often do the Featured Photos change?

Featured Photos change on a regular basis, but there’s no set time for when they rotate.

It’s part of the fun, not knowing exactly when a new photo will pop up. It keeps things interesting and ensures you’re always greeted with a fresh image.

Can I stop a photo from being featured?

Yes, if there’s a photo you’d rather not see, you can remove it from the Featured Photos selection.

It’s as simple as tapping on the photo and choosing the option to remove it from Featured Photos. That way, you’re in control of what you see.

Will deleting a photo remove it from Featured Photos?

Yes, if you delete a photo from your library, it will no longer be featured.

It’s a good idea to keep your photo library clean and organized so that only your best shots get the chance to be featured.

Do I need an internet connection for Featured Photos to work?

No, Featured Photos work offline as they’re based on the photos stored on your iPhone.

That’s the beauty of it – your personal photo gallery is always with you, ready to be showcased, no internet required.


  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Tap on the ‘For You’ tab.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Featured Photos’.
  4. Enjoy your rotating selection of photos.


Your iPhone 13 is more than just a phone; it’s a personal gallery that carries your precious moments. With the Featured Photos function, your best memories are always a glance away, ready to surprise and delight you throughout your day. It’s a wonderful way to relive those special times with friends, family, or just breathtaking scenes you’ve captured. So go ahead, dive into your photo library, and let your iPhone bring your memories to life right on your lock screen. Who knows, maybe the next time you check the time or notifications, you’ll be greeted with a photo that makes you smile, laugh, or reminisce. That’s the joy of enjoying featured photos on your iPhone 13 – a serendipitous stroll down memory lane, right in the palm of your hand.