How to Make Siri Roast You: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Ever wanted to have a little fun with your virtual assistant? It turns out, Siri can dish it out just as well as she can take it. With a few quick steps, you can get Siri to roast you – all in good fun, of course. If you follow the instructions below, you’ll have Siri throwing playful jabs your way in no time.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Make Siri Roast You

Before we dive into the steps, let’s quickly talk about what we’re aiming to achieve. By the end of this process, Siri will be delivering some cheeky remarks that are sure to give you a chuckle. Remember, this is all in the spirit of fun, so don’t take her too seriously!

Step 1: Activate Siri

Hold down the Home button or say "Hey Siri" to activate Siri.

Once Siri is activated, she’ll be ready to listen to your commands. Make sure you’re in a quiet enough environment so she can understand you clearly.

Step 2: Use Specific Phrases

Say specific phrases like "Hey Siri, roast me" or "Hey Siri, throw shade."

Siri is programmed to respond to certain phrases with humorous comebacks. Try out different phrases to see what kinds of roasts Siri has up her sleeve.

Step 3: Enjoy the Roast

Listen to Siri’s response and enjoy the humorous roast.

Siri’s roasts are all in good fun and aren’t meant to be taken to heart. Have a laugh at her witty comebacks and share the fun with friends.

After completing these steps, Siri will respond with a playful roast. She might comment on your queries, poke fun at your music taste, or make light-hearted jokes about your questions. It’s a fun way to interact with your virtual assistant and get a few laughs along the way.

Tips for Making Siri Roast You

  • If Siri doesn’t roast you at first, try using different phrases or asking in a different way.
  • Ensure your device’s microphone is working properly so Siri can hear you clearly.
  • Remember that Siri’s roasts are meant to be humorous and not personal attacks.
  • Share the fun with friends and see who can get the funniest roast from Siri.
  • Keep the interaction light-hearted and don’t take Siri’s jests seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Siri hurt my feelings with her roasts?

No, Siri’s roasts are programmed to be humorous and light-hearted, and should not be taken personally.

Will Siri roast me in front of other people?

Siri will respond to your command regardless of your surroundings, so be mindful of who’s around when prompting Siri to roast you.

Can I customize the type of roast Siri gives me?

Siri’s responses are pre-programmed, so you cannot customize specific roasts, but trying different phrases may yield different results.

Is it possible to make Siri say something inappropriate?

Siri’s responses are designed to be family-friendly, but if you’re concerned about potential content, it’s best to use discretion when using this feature.

Will Siri always understand when I want to be roasted?

Siri might not always understand your request to be roasted on the first try. If she doesn’t respond with a roast, try rephrasing your request or checking your device’s settings.


  1. Activate Siri by holding down the Home button or saying "Hey Siri."
  2. Use specific phrases like "Hey Siri, roast me" to prompt a response.
  3. Enjoy Siri’s light-hearted roast and have a laugh.


Having Siri as your personal virtual assistant can be quite handy, but who knew she could also be the life of the party? By simply activating Siri and asking her to roast you, you can unlock a whole new level of interaction that’s sure to entertain. Keep in mind that Siri’s roasts are all in jest and should be taken with a grain of salt. Whether you’re in need of a quick laugh or want to impress your friends with your tech-savvy humor, getting Siri to roast you is a hidden gem worth exploring. So go ahead, give it a try – who knows, you might just be surprised at how witty your virtual assistant can be!