Turn Spotify Playlist into Apple Music: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Switching from Spotify to Apple Music but want to keep your playlists? No worries! It’s totally doable and not as complicated as it might seem. With a few steps, you can transfer your favorite Spotify playlists to Apple Music quickly and without hassle.

Step by Step Tutorial to Turn Spotify Playlist into Apple Music

Transferring your Spotify playlists to Apple Music can seem daunting, but with this guide, you’ll have your tunes moved over in no time.

Step 1: Use a Third-Party Service

Find a third-party service that transfers playlists between music streaming platforms.

There are several services available online that can help you transfer your playlists. Some popular choices include Soundiiz, TuneMyMusic, and SongShift. These services generally work by connecting to your Spotify account, finding your playlists, and then replicating them in your Apple Music account.

Step 2: Connect Your Spotify Account

Log in to the third-party service with your Spotify account details.

Once you’ve chosen a service, you’ll need to give it access to your Spotify account. This usually involves logging in through a secure portal and granting permission for the service to view your playlists.

Step 3: Select Playlists to Transfer

Choose the playlists you want to move from Spotify to Apple Music.

After connecting your Spotify account, you’ll see a list of your playlists. Now it’s time to select the ones you want to transfer. You can usually select multiple playlists at once, so don’t hold back!

Step 4: Connect Your Apple Music Account

Connect the service to your Apple Music account.

Just like with Spotify, you’ll need to grant the service access to your Apple Music account. This step is crucial for the service to replicate your playlists on the Apple Music platform.

Step 5: Start the Transfer Process

Begin the transfer and wait for the process to complete.

After connecting both accounts, you can start the transfer. The service will take care of the rest, matching songs and adding them to your Apple Music account. This process may take some time, especially if you have large or multiple playlists.

Once you’ve completed the steps, you should find your Spotify playlists in your Apple Music account, ready for you to enjoy all over again.

Tips for Turning Spotify Playlist into Apple Music

  • Double-check that all songs have been transferred, as some tracks may not be available on Apple Music.
  • If a track isn’t available on Apple Music, try searching for an alternative version or adding it manually.
  • Consider keeping both Spotify and Apple Music accounts active during the transfer to ensure nothing gets lost.
  • Make sure your Apple Music account is active and has a valid subscription.
  • Use the opportunity to clean up your playlists and remove any songs you no longer listen to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music for free?

Yes, some third-party services offer free plans that allow you to transfer playlists, but they may have limitations on the number of songs or playlists you can move.

Will my saved songs and albums on Spotify also transfer to Apple Music?

Most services only transfer playlists, not your entire library. You may need to manually save albums and songs on Apple Music.

How long does it take to transfer a playlist?

The time it takes can vary depending on the size of the playlist and the third-party service you’re using. It can be instantaneous for small playlists or take a few minutes for larger ones.

Can I transfer playlists from Apple Music to Spotify?

Yes, the process works both ways. You can use the same third-party services to transfer playlists from Apple Music to Spotify.

What happens if a song isn’t available on Apple Music?

The third-party service may skip the song or try to find a similar match. You’ll need to review the final playlist on Apple Music to ensure it’s complete.


  1. Use a third-party service
  2. Connect your Spotify account
  3. Select playlists to transfer
  4. Connect your Apple Music account
  5. Start the transfer process


As you can see, turning a Spotify playlist into Apple Music is not rocket science. It’s all about finding the right tool for the job and following a simple set of steps. The music streaming world is vast and varied, and it’s fantastic that we have the technology to bridge gaps between services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Remember, music is more than just background noise—it’s the soundtrack of our lives. It can boost our mood, help us concentrate, and even provide comfort in tough times. That’s why having access to your carefully curated playlists, no matter the streaming service, is essential to many music lovers.

If you’re making the switch from Spotify to Apple Music, you don’t have to leave your musical memories behind. Take advantage of the services that offer playlist transfers, and you’ll feel right at home with Apple Music in no time. Who knows, you might even discover new features and tracks that you love.

Happy listening, and remember, when it comes to music, there are no boundaries—only new playlists to explore!