Spinning Wheel of Death: How to Fix the Dreaded Mac Issue


Michael Collins

Are you tired of staring at the spinning wheel of death on your computer screen? You know, that little rainbow-colored circle that just keeps twirling around and around whenever your computer is taking its sweet time to process something. It can be really frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of something important. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you get rid of that pesky wheel and get your computer running smoothly again.

Step by Step Tutorial: Conquering the Spinning Wheel of Death

Before we dive into the steps, let me explain what we’re trying to achieve here. We want to stop the spinning wheel of death from appearing so often and for so long. We’ll go through some troubleshooting steps to figure out what’s causing it and how to fix it.

Step 1: Check for Updates

The first thing you should do is check for any software updates. Sometimes, the spinning wheel pops up because your computer is running outdated software that’s not compatible with what you’re trying to do.

Updating your software can make a huge difference in the performance of your computer. It’s like giving your car a tune-up; it just runs better afterward. Plus, it’s a quick and easy fix that might just solve your spinning wheel problem.

Step 2: Close Unnecessary Programs

Next up, close any programs or apps that you’re not using. Having too many things open at once can really slow down your computer and cause the spinning wheel to appear.

Think of it this way: your computer’s memory is like a cup, and each program you open fills that cup a little more. If you pour too much in, it’s going to overflow, and that’s when you see the spinning wheel. So, close anything you don’t need and give your computer some breathing room.

Step 3: Clear Your Cache

Another thing you can do is clear your cache. Your cache is like a storage space where your computer keeps things it thinks it might need again. But sometimes, it gets too full and can cause problems.

Clearing your cache is like cleaning out a closet. It gets rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore and makes space for new things. It can really speed up your computer and stop the spinning wheel from showing up so much.

Step 4: Check for Malware

If you’ve tried everything else and the spinning wheel is still haunting you, it’s time to check for malware. Malware is like a computer virus that can cause all sorts of problems, including the spinning wheel of death.

Running a malware scan is like going to the doctor when you’re sick. It can find the problem and help you get rid of it. There are lots of programs out there that can do this for you, and it’s definitely worth a try if you’re still having issues.

After completing these steps, your computer should be running more smoothly, and you should see the spinning wheel of death less often. It’s like giving your computer a fresh start.

Tips for Avoiding the Spinning Wheel of Death

  • Keep your software up to date. It’s an easy fix that can prevent a lot of problems.
  • Close programs you’re not using. Your computer will thank you.
  • Clear your cache regularly. It’s like housekeeping for your computer.
  • Be careful what you download. Some things can contain malware that will slow down your computer.
  • Restart your computer every so often. It’s like a reset button for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the spinning wheel of death?

The spinning wheel of death can be caused by a variety of things, including outdated software, too many programs running at once, a full cache, or malware.

Can the spinning wheel of death be fixed?

Yes, the spinning wheel of death can be fixed by following some simple troubleshooting steps, like the ones listed in this article.

Will clearing my cache delete my saved passwords?

No, clearing your cache won’t delete your saved passwords. It just gets rid of temporary files that your computer doesn’t need anymore.

How often should I restart my computer?

It’s a good idea to restart your computer at least once a week to keep it running smoothly.

Can malware cause permanent damage to my computer?

Yes, malware can cause permanent damage if it’s not removed. That’s why it’s important to run malware scans regularly and be careful about what you download.


  1. Check for updates.
  2. Close unnecessary programs.
  3. Clear your cache.
  4. Check for malware.


The spinning wheel of death can be a real headache, but it doesn’t have to be. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can get your computer running smoothly again in no time. Remember to keep your software up to date, close programs you’re not using, clear your cache regularly, and be careful about downloading things from the internet. If you do all of these things, you’ll see that pesky spinning wheel a lot less often. And if you ever need a refresher, just come back to this article for a quick brush-up on how to conquer the spinning wheel of death.