Share iCloud Album with Android: Easy Steps to Follow


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Sharing your iCloud album with an Android user might seem like a tricky task, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need is the shared album link from iCloud and a way to send it to your Android friend. Once they have the link, they can view the album in any web browser. It’s a great way to share memories with everyone, no matter what device they use.

Step by Step Tutorial to Share iCloud Album with Android

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that sharing an iCloud album with an Android user means they’ll be able to view the album in a web browser. They won’t have the same level of interaction as someone with an iOS device, but they’ll still get to see all the photos and videos you’ve shared.

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iOS device

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad to get started.

In the Photos app, you’ll find all the albums you’ve created. If you haven’t already created the album you want to share, now’s the time to do so.

Step 2: Select the album you want to share

Tap on the album you want to share with your Android friend.

Inside the album, you’ll see all the photos and videos you’ve added. Make sure everything you want to share is included.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘People’ icon at the bottom of the screen

Look for the ‘People’ icon at the bottom of the screen and give it a tap.

This is where you control the sharing settings for your album. You can invite people, manage who has access, and more.

Step 4: Enable ‘Public Website’

Turn on the option for ‘Public Website’ to generate a shareable link.

By enabling this option, you’re creating a link that anyone with access to can view the album. It’s a crucial step for sharing with Android users.

Step 5: Share the link with your Android friend

Send the newly generated link to your Android friend via text, email, or any other method you prefer.

Once they receive the link, they can open it in any web browser on their Android device. They’ll be able to see all the photos and videos you’ve shared without needing an iOS device.

After completing these steps, your Android friend will be able to view the iCloud album you’ve shared. They’ll see all the content in their web browser and can even download photos or videos if they wish.

Tips for Sharing iCloud Album with Android

  • Make sure to select high-quality versions of your photos if you want them to look their best on Android devices.
  • If the album is large, let your friend know it might take some time to load all the pictures.
  • Remind your friend that they won’t be able to contribute to the album without an iOS device.
  • Consider creating a new album specifically for sharing with Android users, so you can control what content they see.
  • Always check the album before sharing to ensure you’re only including content you’re comfortable with others seeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Android users add photos to a shared iCloud album?

No, Android users can only view and download photos from a shared iCloud album. They cannot contribute new photos.

Will Android users be notified when new photos are added to the album?

No, they will need to check the link periodically for updates, as there are no notifications for shared iCloud albums on Android devices.

Can I stop sharing an iCloud album with an Android user?

Yes, you can turn off the ‘Public Website’ option at any time to revoke access to the album.

Is there a limit to how many photos I can share in an iCloud album?

There is no specific limit, but keep in mind that larger albums may take longer to load, especially on mobile devices.

Can I share videos in an iCloud album with Android users?

Yes, you can share videos in the same way as photos. Android users will be able to watch them directly in their web browser.


  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Select the album.
  3. Tap on the ‘People’ icon.
  4. Enable ‘Public Website’.
  5. Share the link.


There you have it, a simple guide to share iCloud album with Android. It’s a straightforward process that opens up the world of photo sharing between different operating systems. No longer do you have to worry about which device your friends and family use – with this guide, everyone can enjoy the memories you’ve captured. Keep in mind the tips provided and the limitations that come with sharing across platforms, but most importantly, keep sharing those precious moments. The next time you’re looking to bridge the iOS-Android divide, remember this guide and make photo sharing a breeze.