How to Turn on iPhone 13: A Simple Guide for New Users


Michael Collins

Turning on an iPhone 13 is a simple process that takes just a few seconds. All you need to do is locate the power button, press and hold it for a few moments, and wait for the Apple logo to appear on the screen. This quick and easy task will get your phone up and running, ready for use.

How to Turn on iPhone 13

Getting your iPhone 13 started is a breeze. By following these steps, you’ll be able to power up your device in no time.

Step 1: Locate the Power Button

Find the power button on the right side of your iPhone 13.

The power button, also known as the side button, is located on the right edge of the phone. It’s easy to spot because it’s the only button on that side.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Power Button

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

When you press and hold the button, you should soon see the Apple logo appear on your screen, signaling that your phone is starting up. It usually takes just a few seconds.

Step 3: Wait for the Apple Logo

Keep holding the button until you see the Apple logo.

Once the Apple logo appears, you can release the button. Your phone will continue to boot up, and you’ll soon be taken to the lock screen.

Step 4: Unlock Your Phone

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to unlock your phone.

After the Apple logo disappears, your phone will finish booting up. You’ll be directed to the lock screen, where you can unlock your device and start using it.

After completing these steps, your iPhone 13 will be powered on and ready for use. You’ll see the lock screen, where you can enter your passcode or use Face ID to access your phone.

Tips for Turning on iPhone 13

Here are some additional tips to ensure a smooth experience when turning on your iPhone 13:

  • Ensure your iPhone has enough battery before attempting to turn it on. If it doesn’t, plug it into a charger.
  • If your phone doesn’t turn on, try holding the power button for a longer period.
  • If your phone still doesn’t turn on, there might be a software issue. Consider performing a hard reset or contacting Apple support.
  • Keeping your phone updated with the latest iOS can help prevent startup issues.
  • Regularly restarting your phone can improve its performance and resolve minor software glitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restart my iPhone 13?

To restart, press and hold the power button and any volume button until the slider appears. Slide to power off, then press and hold the power button to turn it back on.

What should I do if my iPhone 13 won’t turn on?

First, ensure it’s charged. If it still won’t turn on, try a hard reset by pressing and quickly releasing the volume up button, then the volume down button, and finally holding the power button until the Apple logo appears.

Can I turn on my iPhone 13 without the power button?

If your power button is broken, you can plug your iPhone into a charger. It should power on automatically.

Why is my iPhone 13 stuck on the Apple logo?

This may be due to a software issue. Try a hard reset. If the problem persists, you may need to restore your iPhone using iTunes.

How long should I hold the power button to turn on my iPhone 13?

Hold the power button for 3-5 seconds until the Apple logo appears.


  1. Locate the power button.
  2. Press and hold the power button.
  3. Wait for the Apple logo.
  4. Unlock your phone.


Turning on an iPhone 13 is quick and simple, requiring just a few steps. By locating and holding the power button, you’ll see the familiar Apple logo and soon be at your lock screen, ready to use your device. If you encounter any issues, a few troubleshooting tips can help resolve them. Keeping your phone charged and updated is key to preventing problems.

Whether you’re new to the iPhone world or a seasoned user, knowing these basic steps ensures you’re never left in the dark—literally. Your iPhone 13 is packed with features waiting to be explored, so go ahead, power it up, and dive into the endless possibilities it offers. Happy iPhoning!