How to Tell if iPhone 13 is Charging When Dead: Easy Identification Tips


Michael Collins

How to Tell if iPhone 13 is Charging When Dead

So, your iPhone 13 is completely dead, and you want to know if it’s charging. It’s pretty simple: just plug it into a power source, wait for a few moments, and look for a charging icon on the screen. If you see it, you’re good to go!

How to Tell if iPhone 13 is Charging When Dead

In the following steps, we’ll break down how to confirm whether your iPhone 13 is charging when its battery is completely drained.

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone 13 to a Power Source

First and foremost, plug your iPhone 13 into a wall outlet using the charger that came with your device.

Once connected, you might notice a slight vibration or a beep, indicating that the phone is receiving power.

Step 2: Wait for a Few Moments

Step 2: Give it a bit of time—about two to five minutes—to ensure the battery has enough juice to display the charging icon.

During this waiting period, your phone may still appear lifeless, but patience is key here. It’s like waiting for a car battery to jumpstart.

Step 3: Check for the Charging Icon

Step 3: Look out for a battery icon with a lightning bolt on the screen. This icon usually appears after a few minutes.

If you see this icon, congratulations! Your iPhone 13 is charging. If not, there could be an issue with your charger, cable, or power source.

Step 4: Try a Different Power Source or Cable

Step 4: If no icon appears, try plugging your phone into a different outlet or using another cable.

Sometimes, a faulty cable or power source can be the culprit. Switch them out to eliminate this possibility.

Step 5: Restart Your iPhone

Step 5: If all else fails, attempt to force restart your iPhone by holding the volume down and power button simultaneously.

A force restart can sometimes jolt your iPhone back to life and display the charging icon, confirming it’s receiving power.

Once you’ve followed these steps, your iPhone should either display the charging icon, or you’ve identified an issue with the cable or power source.

Tips for How to Tell if iPhone 13 is Charging When Dead

  • Make sure to use an Apple-certified charger and cable to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Avoid charging your iPhone in extremely hot or cold environments, as this can affect the battery.
  • If your iPhone is not charging, inspect the charging port for any debris or damage.
  • Using a wireless charger? Ensure it’s properly aligned with your phone’s charging coil.
  • When in doubt, consult Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the iPhone 13 to show the charging icon when dead?

Typically, it takes about two to five minutes for the charging icon to appear once you plug in a dead iPhone 13.

What should I do if the charging icon doesn’t appear?

If the icon doesn’t show up, try using a different cable or power source, and inspect the charging port for debris.

Can a third-party charger affect my iPhone 13?

Yes, using non-certified chargers can sometimes lead to compatibility issues, affecting your phone’s ability to charge.

Is it safe to charge my iPhone 13 overnight?

Yes, modern iPhones are designed to handle overnight charging without overcharging, thanks to built-in safety features.

Why is my iPhone 13 still not turning on after charging?

If your iPhone 13 doesn’t turn on after charging, it might be a deeper issue, such as a faulty battery, requiring professional help.

Summary of How to Tell if iPhone 13 is Charging When Dead

  1. Connect your iPhone 13 to a power source.
  2. Wait for a few moments.
  3. Check for the charging icon.
  4. Try a different power source or cable.
  5. Restart your iPhone.


So, there you have it! Understanding how to tell if your iPhone 13 is charging when it’s completely dead isn’t rocket science. By following these straightforward steps, you can easily determine whether your device is getting the juice it needs. Always remember to use Apple-certified chargers to avoid compatibility issues and keep an eye out for any signs of damage to your cables or charging port. If you’re still facing issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple Support or visit an Apple Store.

In a world where we rely so heavily on our smartphones, knowing how to troubleshoot basic issues like charging can save you a ton of stress. The iPhone 13 is a reliable device, but like any piece of technology, it can have its quirks. By being proactive and informed, you can tackle these challenges head-on.

If you’re interested in learning more about maintaining your iPhone 13 or other tech-related tips, we’ve got plenty of resources available. Feel free to explore other articles, and keep your gadgets running smoothly!