How to Take Photos of Stars on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Taking photos of stars with your iPhone 13 is simpler than you might think. By using the Night Mode feature and adjusting a few settings, you can capture stunning images of the night sky. Follow these steps to learn how to do it effectively.

How to Take Photos of Stars on iPhone 13

In this section, you’ll learn how to use your iPhone 13 to capture stunning images of stars. Each step will provide clear instructions to help you make the most of your iPhone’s camera capabilities.

Step 1: Find a Dark Location

Locate a spot with minimal light pollution.

Light pollution from street lights and buildings can make it difficult to see stars, let alone photograph them. Seek out a remote area or a dark park where city lights won’t interfere with your shot.

Step 2: Use a Tripod

Attach your iPhone to a tripod to keep it steady.

A tripod is essential for capturing clear images of stars. Even the slightest movement can blur your photos, so make sure your iPhone is secure.

Step 3: Open the Camera App

Launch the Camera app on your iPhone.

Open the Camera app and swipe the screen to activate Night Mode. This mode automatically adjusts the exposure time, allowing more light to enter the lens.

Step 4: Adjust Exposure Time

Tap the Night Mode icon and adjust the exposure time.

A longer exposure time will capture more light, making stars appear brighter. Experiment with different exposure settings to find what works best for your specific location.

Step 5: Tap to Focus

Tap on the screen to focus on the sky.

Focusing on the sky helps ensure that the stars are sharp and clear. You might need to tap a few times to get the perfect focus.

Step 6: Take the Photo

Press the shutter button to capture the image.

Once you’ve set everything up, simply press the shutter button and let the camera do its magic. Make sure to keep your iPhone still until the photo is fully captured.

After completing these steps, your iPhone will process the image and you’ll have a beautiful photo of the night sky, filled with stars.

Tips for Taking Photos of Stars on iPhone 13

  • Use a Remote Shutter: This prevents any movement when pressing the shutter button.
  • Enable Grid Lines: Helps in aligning your shot to ensure the horizon is straight.
  • Turn Off Flash: Flash can ruin the ambiance and won’t help in capturing stars.
  • Use a Night Sky App: Apps like Star Walk can help you locate constellations.
  • Experiment with Angles: Try different angles and perspectives to capture unique shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a tripod?

A tripod keeps the camera steady, preventing blurry photos caused by slight movements.

Can I capture stars without Night Mode?

While possible, Night Mode enhances image quality significantly, making it the best option.

How long should the exposure time be?

It varies, but start with 10-15 seconds and adjust as needed based on the lighting conditions.

Do I need to use the wide-angle lens?

The standard lens often works best for star photography because it’s better suited for low light.

Is editing necessary?

Editing can enhance colors and brightness, but it’s not essential if you’re happy with the raw image.


  1. Find a dark location.
  2. Use a tripod.
  3. Open the Camera app.
  4. Adjust exposure time.
  5. Tap to focus.
  6. Take the photo.


Capturing the beauty of stars with your iPhone 13 is not only possible but also straightforward when you follow the right steps. From finding the perfect dark spot to utilizing Night Mode and a tripod, each detail plays a crucial role in getting that perfect shot. Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you experiment with different settings and locations, the better your star photos will become.

We hope this guide helps you on your journey to capturing the night sky. Feel free to share your stunning star photos with us, and keep experimenting with your iPhone 13 for even more breathtaking results. Who knows? You might just discover a new passion for astrophotography!