How to Stop Including Signatures on Replies in Outlook: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Are you tired of that pesky signature showing up on every single email reply in Outlook? Want to know how you can stop it from happening? Well, you’re in luck! In just a few simple steps, you can remove signatures from your replies in Outlook, making your email communication quicker and more efficient.

Step by Step Tutorial: Removing Signatures from Replies in Outlook

Before we dive into the step-by-step process, it’s important to understand what we’re trying to accomplish here. Removing your signature from replies in Outlook will ensure that your email threads are clean and to the point, without the clutter of repeated signature blocks.

Step 1: Open Outlook and go to File

First things first, fire up your Outlook application and click on ‘File’ in the upper left corner of the window. This will lead you to the backstage view where you will find various account settings and options.

Step 2: Select Options

After clicking on ‘File’, you will see a list of settings on the left side. Look for and select ‘Options’. This will open the Outlook Options window, where you can customize your Outlook experience.

Step 3: Go to Mail

In the Outlook Options window, you will see a list of tabs on the left side. Click on ‘Mail’ to access settings related to your email composition and replies.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Replies and Forwards section

As you’re in the Mail settings, scroll down until you see the ‘Replies and forwards’ section. This is where you can adjust how your email replies are formatted, including signature settings.

Step 5: Uncheck the box for ‘Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to’

You’ll see a checkbox that says ‘Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to’. Simply uncheck this box to stop Outlook from including your signature on replies and forwards automatically.

After you complete these steps, Outlook will no longer include your signature when you reply to an email. This change will apply to all future replies and forwards you make, giving you a cleaner and more streamlined email conversation.

Tips for Managing Signatures in Outlook

  • Customize your signature settings for different email accounts if you use multiple accounts in Outlook.
  • Remember to manually add your signature if necessary for professional or formal email replies.
  • Review your signature periodically to ensure it is up-to-date with relevant information.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly insert signatures when needed.
  • Consider creating different signatures for internal and external communications for a more tailored approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a signature back to a specific reply?

If you want to add a signature to a specific reply, simply go to the Insert tab while composing your email and click on ‘Signature’. You can then choose your preferred signature from the dropdown menu.

Can I create multiple signatures in Outlook?

Yes, Outlook allows you to create multiple email signatures. You can manage these by going to File, Options, and then Mail. Click on ‘Signatures’ to create, edit, or delete your signatures.

Will this change affect my signature on new emails?

No, the change only affects replies and forwards. Your signature will still automatically appear on new emails unless you change that setting separately.

Can I still manually remove signatures from individual replies?

Absolutely! Even with the automatic setting turned off, you can always delete the signature from the email body before sending a reply.

What happens if I change my mind and want signatures on replies again?

No problem. Just go back to the Mail settings in Outlook Options and check the box to ‘Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to’.


  1. Open Outlook and go to File
  2. Select Options
  3. Go to Mail
  4. Scroll down to the Replies and Forwards section
  5. Uncheck the box for ‘Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to’


In the world of fast-paced digital communication, it’s essential to keep things as simple and efficient as possible. By learning how to stop including signatures on replies in Outlook, you take one more step towards streamlining your email interactions. No more unnecessary clutter or repetitive information. Just pure, focused communication. Remember, while a signature can be an important part of your professional identity, it’s not always needed in every reply or forward. Keep these tips and tricks in mind to manage your Outlook email signatures like a pro. And if you ever need to add a signature back into a specific email, it’s just a few clicks away. Keep this guide handy, and happy emailing!