How to Silence a Contact on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Silencing a contact on your iPhone 13 can be done in just a few simple steps. You’ll need to find the contact you want to silence, tap on their name, and then enable the "Hide Alerts" option. This way, you won’t be notified of any calls or messages from that specific contact, but you’ll still receive them. It’s a useful feature when you need some peace and quiet from a particular person without having to block them completely.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Silence a Contact on iPhone 13

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re achieving here. By silencing a contact, you’re ensuring their calls and messages won’t disturb you with a notification. However, you’ll still receive their messages and see missed calls from them when you check your phone.

Step 1: Open the Contacts App or Phone App

Open the Contacts app or the Phone app on your iPhone 13.

When you open the Contacts or Phone app, you’ll see a list of all your contacts. If you’re in the Phone app, you’ll need to tap on "Contacts" at the bottom of the screen to see this list.

Step 2: Find and Select the Contact

Find and select the contact you want to silence.

Scroll through your contacts list or use the search function at the top to quickly find the person you want to silence. Once you’ve found them, tap on their name to open their contact details.

Step 3: Tap on "Info"

Tap on "Info" to access more options for the contact.

When you’re viewing the contact’s details, you’ll see an "Info" button, usually indicated by a small ‘i’ in a circle. Tapping this will give you more options and settings for that specific contact.

Step 4: Enable "Hide Alerts"

Scroll down and enable the "Hide Alerts" option by toggling the switch.

Within the contact’s information, you’ll find the "Hide Alerts" option. Toggle the switch next to it, and it will turn green to indicate that it’s active. This means you’ve successfully silenced the contact.

After you have completed the action of silencing a contact, their calls and messages won’t send you notifications, but they will still appear in your call log and message list. When you’re ready to receive alerts from them again, you can simply follow the same steps and toggle off the "Hide Alerts" option.

Tips for Silencing a Contact on iPhone 13

  • If you want to silence a group message, you can do so from the Messages app by tapping into the group chat, selecting "Info," and then enabling "Hide Alerts."
  • Remember that calls from silenced contacts will still go to your voicemail, and you can listen to them at your convenience.
  • If you silence a contact and then decide to block them, you can do so from the same "Info" screen by scrolling to the bottom and tapping "Block this Caller."
  • You can also manage notifications for all contacts by going to Settings > Notifications > Messages or Phone and adjusting the settings to your preference.
  • If you’re unsure whether you’ve silenced a contact, look for the crescent moon icon next to their messages or contact name, indicating that "Hide Alerts" is enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a contact is silenced?

A crescent moon icon will appear next to the contact’s name or messages, indicating that "Hide Alerts" is enabled for them.

Can I silence a contact for a specific time period?

No, silencing a contact is not time-specific. You’ll need to manually toggle the "Hide Alerts" option to start and stop silencing them.

Will silencing a contact affect our shared iCloud accounts?

No, silencing a contact only affects the notifications you receive on your device and does not impact any shared iCloud accounts or settings.

Can I still see messages from a silenced contact?

Yes, you’ll still receive and be able to see messages from a silenced contact; you just won’t get notified when they come in.

If I delete the contact, will it still remain silenced?

If you delete a silenced contact, any messages they send will show up as from an unknown number and will not be silenced. You’ll need to add the contact again and re-silence if necessary.


  1. Open the Contacts App or Phone App.
  2. Find and Select the Contact.
  3. Tap on "Info."
  4. Enable "Hide Alerts."


So, there you have it – silencing a contact on your iPhone 13 is as easy as pie. Whether it’s a chatty friend who texts at all hours or a business contact that’s blowing up your phone, you now have the power to mute them without causing any drama. It’s a handy little trick that can give you some peace when you need it the most, and the best part? They won’t even know they’ve been silenced.

The "Hide Alerts" feature on the iPhone 13 allows you to take control of your notifications and tailor them to suit your lifestyle. And remember, it’s not permanent – you can switch alerts back on whenever you choose. So next time you’re in a meeting, at the movies, or just trying to catch some z’s, don’t forget to use this nifty feature and enjoy the sweet sound of silence. Who knew being in control could be so simple, right?

If you’ve found this guide helpful, feel free to share it with friends or family who might also benefit from a little notification management in their lives. And if you’ve got any more questions about your iPhone 13, don’t hesitate to dive deeper into the settings or reach out for more info. After all, your iPhone is an incredible tool – make sure you’re using it to its fullest potential. Happy silencing!