How to Rename a Playlist in Spotify on an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

How to Rename a Playlist in Spotify on an iPhone

Renaming a playlist in Spotify on an iPhone is super simple. Just open the Spotify app, find the playlist you want to rename, and use the editing options to change its name. In no time, you’ll have a new name for your beloved playlist! Let’s dive into detailed steps to achieve this.

How to Rename a Playlist in Spotify on an iPhone

Following these steps will guide you through the process of renaming your Spotify playlist using your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Spotify App

First, open the Spotify app on your iPhone.

Once you have the app open, make sure you’re logged in to your account. If not, enter your credentials to access your playlists.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Library

Next, tap on "Your Library" at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll see a list of your playlists, saved albums, and more. Your Library is your personal hub for all your Spotify content.

Step 3: Select the Playlist

Then, select the playlist you want to rename.

Scroll through your library to find the playlist. Once you’ve found it, tap on the playlist to open it.

Step 4: Tap the Three Dots

After opening the playlist, tap on the three dots at the top-right corner of the screen.

These three dots will open a menu with different options, including edit, share, and more.

Step 5: Choose "Edit Playlist"

Now, select the "Edit Playlist" option from the menu.

This will bring you to a new screen where you can change the playlist’s name, cover image, and description.

Step 6: Rename the Playlist

In the "Edit Playlist" screen, tap on the current name to edit it.

Type in the new name for your playlist. Make sure the new name reflects the playlist’s vibe or content.

Step 7: Save Your Changes

Finally, tap on "Save" in the top-right corner to keep your changes.

Your playlist will now be updated with its new name. You can go back to Your Library to see the renamed playlist.

Once you’ve saved the new name, the playlist will immediately reflect the change. Your friends and followers will also see the updated name if the playlist is shared with them.

Tips for How to Rename a Playlist in Spotify on an iPhone

  • Make the playlist name descriptive to easily identify its content.
  • Use emojis in the playlist name for a fun and expressive touch.
  • Keep the name short and simple for better readability on smaller screens.
  • Regularly update playlist names to reflect any changes in content or theme.
  • Utilize Spotify’s collaborative playlist feature to let friends help with naming and organizing.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Rename a Playlist in Spotify on an iPhone

Can I rename a playlist if it’s collaborative?

Yes, you can rename a collaborative playlist just like a regular one. The name change will be visible to all collaborators.

Will my followers see the new name immediately?

Yes, as soon as you save the new name, your followers will see the updated playlist name.

Can I change the playlist name back to the original one?

Absolutely! You can rename your playlist as many times as you like.

Does renaming affect the playlist’s content?

No, renaming a playlist doesn’t change the songs or order in the playlist. Only the name changes.

Can I rename a playlist that someone else created?

No, you can only rename playlists that you’ve created yourself. For someone else’s playlist, you can save it to your library but not rename it.


  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Go to Your Library.
  3. Select the playlist.
  4. Tap the three dots.
  5. Choose "Edit Playlist".
  6. Rename the playlist.
  7. Save your changes.


Renaming a playlist in Spotify on your iPhone is a breeze with these easy steps. It’s a great way to keep your music organized and fresh. Whether you’re rebranding your workout mix or giving a new name to your chill vibes playlist, the process is straightforward and quick.

Dive into your Spotify app and start experimenting with new names for your playlists today. Not only will it make your library look more organized, but it will also make it easier for you to find the right playlist when you need it.

If you’re curious about more Spotify tips and tricks, check out our other articles or the Spotify help center. Happy listening, and enjoy renaming your playlists!