How to Reject Calls on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide for Users


Michael Collins

Rejecting Calls on iPhone 13

Rejecting calls on the iPhone 13 is super easy once you know how. With a few simple steps, you can avoid unwanted calls without much hassle. Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be a pro at rejecting calls on your iPhone 13 in no time!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Rejecting Calls on iPhone 13

Here’s a straightforward guide to help you reject calls on your iPhone 13. Follow these steps to effectively manage incoming calls.

Step 1: Press the Side Button

When your phone rings, press the Side button once to silence the call, and press it twice to reject the call.

Pressing the Side button once will stop your phone from ringing, but the caller will not be disconnected. If you press it twice quickly, the call will be sent directly to voicemail.

Step 2: Use the Decline Button

If your iPhone is unlocked, tap the Decline button that appears on the screen.

When your iPhone is unlocked, you’ll see two buttons on the screen: Accept and Decline. Tapping Decline will reject the call and send it straight to voicemail.

Step 3: Swipe on the Locked Screen

Swipe up on the call notification on a locked screen to reject the call.

If your iPhone is locked, a call coming in will show a slide-to-answer bar. Instead of sliding to answer, you can swipe up to decline the call.

Step 4: Use the Control Center

Open the Control Center and tap the airplane mode icon to stop incoming calls.

Enabling airplane mode will immediately disconnect the call and any further calls until you turn it off. Simply swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to access the Control Center.

Step 5: Set Up Do Not Disturb

Go to Settings, select Do Not Disturb, and activate it to reject calls automatically.

Do Not Disturb mode will keep your phone silent and automatically reject calls. You can customize settings to allow calls from specific contacts or none at all.

After completing these steps, you will have successfully rejected the incoming call. You can repeat these steps anytime to manage your calls effectively.

Tips for Rejecting Calls on iPhone 13

  • Use Siri: You can ask Siri to reject a call by saying, "Hey Siri, reject the call."
  • Auto-Reply Options: Set up auto-reply texts for when you reject a call. Go to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text.
  • Quiet Mode: Use Do Not Disturb for a quieter environment. Schedule it during meetings or bedtime.
  • Block Numbers: If there are repeat unwanted callers, block their numbers via the Phone app.
  • Caller ID Apps: Use third-party apps like Truecaller to identify and block spam calls automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send an unknown number directly to voicemail?

Enable Silence Unknown Callers in Settings > Phone to send calls from unknown numbers directly to voicemail.

Can I set a custom message for rejected calls?

Yes, go to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text to create a custom message for rejected calls.

How do I block a number on iPhone 13?

Go to the Phone app, find the number in Recent Calls, tap the ‘i’ icon next to it, scroll down, and select Block this Caller.

Will Do Not Disturb reject all calls?

You can configure Do Not Disturb to allow calls from specific contacts by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Allow Calls From.

Can I reject calls using my Apple Watch?

Yes, when a call comes in on your iPhone, you can reject it using the Decline button on your Apple Watch.


  1. Press the Side Button
  2. Use the Decline Button
  3. Swipe on the Locked Screen
  4. Use the Control Center
  5. Set Up Do Not Disturb


Rejecting calls on your iPhone 13 doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. With the simple steps outlined above, you can easily manage incoming calls and maintain your peace of mind. Whether you’re using the Side button, the Decline screen option, or the Do Not Disturb feature, you have multiple ways to reject calls effectively.

If you’re often bombarded by unwanted calls, leveraging these tools can help you regain control over your phone life. Remember, it’s your device, and you should feel empowered to use it on your terms.

For further reading, consider looking into advanced call management settings or third-party apps that provide even more features for handling incoming calls. Take charge of your iPhone 13 and master the art of call rejection today!