How to Put Multiple Pictures on One Instagram Story iPhone: A Guide


Michael Collins

Ever wanted to jazz up your Instagram story with multiple photos? It’s a great way to add a little flair and show off more than one moment at a time. If you’re an iPhone user, there’s a simple way to make that happen. Read on, and I’ll show you how to put multiple pictures on one Instagram story on your iPhone.

Step by Step Tutorial: Putting Multiple Pictures on One Instagram Story iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. By the end of these steps, you’ll be able to create an Instagram story that has more than one photo on a single screen. This is perfect for those times when you can’t choose just one picture to share!

Step 1: Open Instagram Story Camera

Open the Instagram app and swipe right or tap on Your Story in the upper left corner to open the Instagram story camera.

This is where all the magic begins. Ensure that you’ve allowed Instagram access to your camera and photos before proceeding.

Step 2: Select the First Photo

Tap on the photo icon in the lower left corner to open your photo library and select the first photo you want to include in your story.

Choose a photo that represents the theme or mood you’re going for with your story. The first photo will set the tone for the rest.

Step 3: Add Additional Photos Using Stickers

After selecting the first photo, tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen, then select the photo sticker to add more pictures.

This is where it gets fun! You can resize and move the additional photos around to create a collage effect right in your story.

Step 4: Edit and Arrange the Photos

Once you’ve added all your pictures, you can use your fingers to move, resize, or rotate them to your liking.

Don’t be afraid to get creative here. Overlapping photos or creating neat rows can make your story stand out.

Step 5: Share Your Story

Once you’re happy with the arrangement, tap "Your Story" at the bottom to share your multi-photo story with your followers.

And voilĂ , you’ve just created a visually engaging Instagram story with multiple photos!

Once you complete these steps, your Instagram story will be live for all your followers to see. They can react, reply, and engage with your multi-photo story just as they would with any other story.

Tips for Putting Multiple Pictures on One Instagram Story iPhone

  • Keep the theme consistent: When selecting photos, try to keep a consistent theme or color scheme to make your story cohesive.
  • Use high-quality images: Make sure the photos you choose are of high quality and not blurry, as this can detract from your story’s overall look.
  • Play around with layout: Experiment with different layouts and arrangements of your photos to keep your stories fresh and engaging.
  • Don’t overcrowd the screen: While it’s tempting to add as many photos as possible, try not to overcrowd the screen. Leave some space for viewers to appreciate each image.
  • Incorporate text and other features: Don’t forget that you can also add text, doodles, and other Instagram story features to complement your photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more than two pictures to my Instagram story?

Yes, you can add multiple pictures, but be careful not to overcrowd your story. A good rule of thumb is to stick to around 3-4 images to keep it visually appealing.

Do I need any third-party apps to add multiple photos to my story?

No, you can do it all within Instagram’s native story features, using the photo sticker option.

Can my followers see all the photos I add to my story?

Yes, all the photos you add will be visible to your followers until the story expires after 24 hours.

Is there a limit to how many photo stickers I can add?

Instagram doesn’t specify a limit, but the screen space is naturally limited, so use your discretion based on aesthetics and visibility.

Can I save my multi-photo Instagram story to my phone?

Yes, you can save your creation by tapping the download icon before or after posting your story.


  1. Open Instagram Story Camera
  2. Select the First Photo
  3. Add Additional Photos Using Stickers
  4. Edit and Arrange the Photos
  5. Share Your Story


Putting multiple pictures on one Instagram story on an iPhone is a fantastic way to spice up your social media presence. It allows you to tell a richer story and showcase a sequence of events, all within one frame. With the simple steps above, you’ll be able to master this skill in no time. Remember, the key is to be creative and have fun with the process. Whether you’re sharing snapshots from a day out with friends, a step-by-step recipe, or a before-and-after reveal, multiple photos can make your story truly stand out. Keep experimenting with different layouts and combinations to find the perfect look for your story. So, pick up your iPhone, start crafting your multi-photo masterpiece, and watch as your Instagram stories take on a whole new level of engagement!