How to Embed Google Sheets in WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Embedding Google Sheets in WordPress is a breeze. First, you’ll need to get the shareable link from your Google Sheets document. Then, you simply need to paste that link into your WordPress post or page using the embed code. It’s that simple! Follow the step-by-step guide below to get the details on how to do this.

How to Embed Google Sheets in WordPress

The following steps will walk you through the process of embedding Google Sheets in WordPress, ensuring that your document is seamlessly integrated into your website.

Step 1: Open your Google Sheets Document

Open the Google Sheets document that you want to embed in WordPress.

You’ll need to have your document ready and accessible. Make sure it’s the correct file you want to share with your audience.

Step 2: Get the Shareable Link

Click on "File" in the top menu of the Google Sheets interface, then select "Share," and finally "Publish to the web."

This option allows you to get a link that makes your document viewable to anyone with the link. Ensure you select "Link" and not "Embed" for this part.

Step 3: Select Embed Option

Once you have the publish link, select the "Embed" option.

This provides you with an embed code that you can paste into your WordPress post or page. Copy this code for the next step.

Step 4: Go to Your WordPress Post/Page

Open the WordPress post or page where you want to embed the Google Sheets document.

Make sure you’re in the editor where you can add content. This is usually found under the "Posts" or "Pages" section of your WordPress dashboard.

Step 5: Add Embed Code

Switch to the "Text" or "HTML" view in the WordPress editor and paste the embed code you copied from Google Sheets.

Switching to the "Text" or "HTML" view is crucial because this is where the code will be correctly interpreted. Pasting it in the "Visual" view won’t work.

Step 6: Publish/Update Your Post/Page

Click "Publish" or "Update" to make your changes live.

Make sure to preview the changes to confirm that your Google Sheets document is embedded correctly and looks good.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully embed a Google Sheets document into your WordPress site. Your visitors will be able to view and interact with the data directly on your site.

Tips for Embedding Google Sheets in WordPress

  • Use responsive design: Ensure your embedded Google Sheets is mobile-friendly by using responsive design practices.
  • Check permissions: Make sure your Google Sheets document is shareable with the audience you intend to reach.
  • Keep it updated: Regularly update the Google Sheets document to ensure your site visitors get the latest information.
  • Use third-party plugins: Plugins like "Embed Google Sheet" can simplify the process and provide additional customization options.
  • Monitor loading times: Large Google Sheets documents can slow down your page load times, so keep an eye on performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I embed a private Google Sheet?

No, you need to make the Google Sheet public or at least accessible to anyone with the link to embed it.

Why is my Google Sheet not displaying correctly?

Ensure that you copied the entire embed code correctly and that you’re pasting it into the "Text" or "HTML" view in WordPress.

Can I edit the Google Sheet directly from WordPress?

No, the embedded sheet is view-only. To edit the sheet, you need to go back to Google Sheets.

What if I want to restrict access later on?

You can change the sharing settings in Google Sheets to restrict access, but doing so will also make the embedded sheet inaccessible.

Are there plugins for embedding Google Sheets?

Yes, plugins like "Embed Google Sheet" can make the embedding process easier and offer more customization.


  1. Open your Google Sheets Document
  2. Get the Shareable Link
  3. Select Embed Option
  4. Go to Your WordPress Post/Page
  5. Add Embed Code
  6. Publish/Update Your Post/Page


Embedding Google Sheets in WordPress is a straightforward process that can add a dynamic layer of interactivity to your website. Whether you’re sharing data, collaborative projects, or interactive content, embedding Google Sheets offers a flexible and efficient way to include live data. Following the steps outlined above ensures that your Google Sheets document is seamlessly integrated into your WordPress site.

If you haven’t tried it already, take the plunge and experiment with embedding Google Sheets in your next WordPress post. You’ll find that it not only enhances the value of your content but also engages your audience more effectively.

For further reading, consider diving into topics like "responsive web design" and "optimizing WordPress performance" to maximize the impact of your embedded content. So go ahead, give it a shot, and watch how it transforms your site!