How to Create an Internet Shortcut in Windows 10: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Creating an internet shortcut on your Windows 10 computer is a handy way to quickly access your favorite websites. You can do this in just a few simple steps, and once it’s set up, you’ll be able to open your preferred web pages with a double-click, directly from your desktop.

Step by Step Tutorial: Creating an Internet Shortcut in Windows 10

Creating an internet shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop is a breeze. The following steps will guide you through the process of making a shortcut that links directly to your favorite website.

Step 1: Open Your Web Browser

First things first, you need to open the web browser where your desired website is located.

After opening your browser, navigate to the website you want to create a shortcut for. It’s essential to ensure that the site is fully loaded to make sure the shortcut works correctly.

Step 2: Minimize the Browser Window

Now, minimize your web browser so you can see your desktop.

Minimizing the browser window doesn’t close the website; it just puts it out of sight so you can access your desktop. Be careful not to close the browser altogether, or you’ll have to start the process over again.

Step 3: Drag and Drop

Click on the URL in the address bar, drag it onto your desktop, and drop it there.

This action creates an icon on your desktop that links directly to the website. The icon usually takes the website’s favicon, which is the little image you see in the browser tab, making it easy to recognize.

After you complete these steps, you’ll have a new internet shortcut on your desktop. Double-clicking this icon will open your default web browser and take you straight to the website it’s linked to.

Tips for Creating Internet Shortcuts in Windows 10

  • Make sure your default web browser is the one you use most often, as this is where the shortcut will open.
  • Rename your shortcuts to something recognizable to avoid confusion with other desktop icons.
  • You can create folders on your desktop to organize multiple shortcuts.
  • If the website’s favicon doesn’t show, you can change the icon in the shortcut’s properties.
  • Use this method to create shortcuts for frequently used web pages to save time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the name of an internet shortcut?

Right-click the shortcut, select "Rename," and type in your desired name.

Can I create a shortcut for a specific page on a website?

Yes, navigate to the specific page you want before dragging and dropping the URL.

What if the website’s favicon doesn’t appear on my shortcut?

You can change the icon by right-clicking the shortcut, selecting "Properties," and then "Change Icon."

Can I create shortcuts for websites on browsers other than my default?

Yes, as long as you navigate to the website on the browser you prefer before creating the shortcut.

Is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut for an internet shortcut?

Yes, right-click the shortcut, select "Properties," and assign a key combination under the "Shortcut" tab.


  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Minimize the browser window.
  3. Drag and drop the URL onto your desktop.


Creating an internet shortcut in Windows 10 is a simple yet effective way to streamline your web browsing experience. By following the easy steps outlined above, you can save valuable time and keep your favorite sites just a double-click away. Remember, with organization and customization, your desktop can become a hub of efficiency, tailored to your browsing habits.

Take the time to personalize your shortcuts, organize them into folders, and enjoy instant access to the web pages you frequent the most. Embrace the convenience of technology and let it work for you. Now, go ahead and create that internet shortcut – your future self will thank you for it!