How to Close Tabs on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners


Michael Collins

How to Close Tabs on iPhone 15

Closing tabs on your iPhone 15 is a simple process that helps keep your browser organized and running smoothly. To close tabs, open Safari, tap the tab icon, and then either swipe away or tap the ‘X’ on the tabs you wish to close. Follow these steps to keep your browsing clutter-free.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Closing Tabs on iPhone 15

In this guide, you’ll learn how to close tabs on your iPhone 15. Follow these steps to clear out unused tabs and keep your Safari browser neat and tidy.

Step 1: Open Safari

First, open the Safari browser on your iPhone 15.

Opening Safari is as easy as tapping its icon on your home screen.

Step 2: Tap the Tab Icon

Next, tap the tab icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

This icon looks like two overlapping squares. It shows all your currently open tabs.

Step 3: Swipe Left or Tap the ‘X’

Once your tabs are displayed, swipe left on the tab you want to close, or tap the small ‘X’ in the top-left corner of the tab.

Swiping left can be a quicker way to close individual tabs, while tapping the ‘X’ offers more precision.

Step 4: Close All Tabs at Once (Optional)

If you want to close all tabs at once, tap and hold the tab icon and then select "Close All [number] Tabs."

This is perfect for a quick clean-up if you have too many tabs open.

Step 5: Confirm Closure (if applicable)

If you opted to close all tabs at once, a confirmation prompt will appear. Tap "Close All Tabs."

This step ensures you don’t accidentally close tabs you still need.

After completing these steps, all unwanted tabs will be closed, freeing up memory and potentially speeding up your browsing.

Tips for Closing Tabs on iPhone 15

  • Regularly close tabs you no longer need to keep your browser running smoothly.
  • Use the "Close All Tabs" option for a quick clean-up session.
  • Bookmark tabs you want to revisit before closing multiple tabs at once.
  • Keep track of opened tabs to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  • Utilize the tab group feature in Safari to organize tabs based on categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I close multiple tabs at once?

Tap and hold the tab icon and select "Close All [number] Tabs" from the menu that appears.

Can I recover a tab after closing it?

Yes, tap the "+" icon and then hold down on the "+" to see a list of recently closed tabs.

Is there a way to organize my tabs?

Yes, Safari’s tab groups allow you to organize tabs into different categories for easier access.

What if I accidentally close an important tab?

You can recover it by tapping and holding the "+" icon to see your recently closed tabs list.

How do I see all open tabs?

Tap the tab icon (overlapping squares) in the bottom right corner of Safari to view all open tabs.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Tap the tab icon.
  3. Swipe left or tap the ‘X’ on tabs.
  4. Tap and hold the tab icon to close all tabs at once (optional).
  5. Confirm closure (if applicable).


Closing tabs on your iPhone 15 is a straightforward yet essential task for maintaining an organized browsing experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily manage your open tabs and keep your Safari browser functioning effectively.

Whether you’re a multitasker with dozens of tabs open or someone who just needs to clean up periodically, these tips and steps will help you stay on top of your browsing game. Regular maintenance of your tabs will ensure that your device runs smoothly and efficiently, making your overall experience more enjoyable.

If you found this guide helpful, consider exploring other tips and tricks for your iPhone 15 to make the most out of your device. Happy browsing!