How to Change the Default Font in Word: Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Changing the default font in Word might sound like a task for tech wizards, but it’s actually quite simple. All it takes is a few clicks, and you can have your favorite font set as the standard for all your future documents. So, let’s get started!

Step by Step Tutorial: Changing the Default Font in Word

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. Changing the default font means that every time you open a new document in Word, the font will already be set to your preferred style. No more changing it manually each time!

Step 1: Open the Font Dialog Box

To change the default font, you first need to open the Font dialog box.

This can be done by clicking the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the Font section on the Home tab.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Font

Once the Font dialog box is open, select the font you want to set as default.

You can choose from a variety of fonts installed on your computer. Make sure to pick one that’s easy to read and suits the type of documents you’ll be creating.

Step 3: Set as Default

After selecting your font, click the ‘Set As Default’ button at the bottom left of the dialog box.

A new window will pop up, asking whether you want this change to affect only the current document or all future documents. Choose ‘All documents based on the Normal template,’ and press OK.

After completing these steps, your chosen font will now be the default each time you create a new document in Word. No more fiddling with font settings every time you start typing!

Tips for Changing the Default Font in Word

  • Make sure to pick a font that is appropriate for your purposes – professional documents may require different fonts than personal ones.
  • Remember that not all fonts are available on all computers, so if you’re sharing documents, choose a common font.
  • Consider the readability of the font, especially if you’re creating documents for others to read.
  • Don’t forget to also set the default font size to match your preferences.
  • Experiment with different fonts until you find one that you’re comfortable with for everyday use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the font I want isn’t in the list?

If the font you want to set as default isn’t in the list, it might not be installed on your computer. You can download new fonts from various websites and install them on your system.

Can I change the default font size as well?

Yes, when you’re in the Font dialog box, you can also set the default font size along with the font style.

Will changing the default font affect existing documents?

No, changing the default font will only affect new documents that you create after making the change.

Can I change the default font for only one document?

Yes, you can change the font for a single document without setting it as default. Just choose your font and size and start typing without clicking ‘Set As Default.’

How do I reset to the original default font?

If you want to go back to the original default font, simply follow the steps again and choose ‘Calibri’ (or whatever the original default was) as the font.


  1. Open the Font dialog box.
  2. Choose your preferred font.
  3. Set as default for all future documents.


And there you have it, folks! Changing the default font in Word is as easy as pie. With this new knowledge, you can customize your Word experience to better suit your preferences and needs. A personalized default font can save you time and make your documents look consistent and professional. So, go ahead, give it a try and see how a simple tweak can improve your productivity. Remember, the key is to choose a font that not only looks good but also ensures readability and comes across as professional. Happy typing, and let your words shine in your new default font!