How to Change Flashlight Color on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

How to Change Flashlight Color on iPhone 13

Changing the flashlight color on an iPhone 13 isn’t a built-in feature, but there are some workarounds you can use. By using colored filters or third-party apps, you can tweak the light emitted from your phone’s flashlight. Here’s a quick guide to show you how.

How to Change Flashlight Color on iPhone 13

This section will walk you through the steps to change the flashlight color on your iPhone 13. By following these steps, you can customize your flashlight and make it more fun or useful for different situations.

Step 1: Download a Third-Party App

Search for and download a flashlight app from the App Store that supports color changes.

Many of these apps offer a range of colors and brightness settings. Choose one with good reviews to ensure it works well.

Step 2: Install and Open the App

Once downloaded, install and open the app.

Most apps will guide you through the initial setup. Follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Step 3: Select Your Desired Color

In the app, find the settings to change the flashlight color and choose your preferred color.

Some apps have sliders or color wheels for easy selection, making it simple to get the exact shade you want.

Step 4: Activate the Flashlight

Turn on the flashlight within the app.

Your flashlight will now emit the color you selected. Make sure your phone’s main flashlight is off to prevent any interference.

Step 5: Use Physical Filters

If you don’t want to use an app, you can use colored film or gels over your phone’s flashlight.

These can be found at photography stores or online. Cut them to size and place them over the flash for a quick color change.

Step 6: Test Your Setup

Make sure everything works as expected by turning on the flashlight and checking the color.

Adjust the filter or settings as needed to get the perfect color and brightness.

After completing these steps, your iPhone 13 flashlight should now display the color you selected.

Tips for Changing Flashlight Color on iPhone 13

  • Use high-quality third-party apps to avoid performance issues.
  • Keep an eye on app permissions to maintain your privacy.
  • Test different colors in various lighting conditions to see what works best.
  • Make sure the filter material is heat-resistant if using physical filters.
  • Regularly check for app updates to ensure compatibility and access new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the flashlight color without an app?

Yes, you can use colored film or gels placed over the flashlight to change its color.

Is it safe to use third-party apps for flashlight color change?

Most third-party apps are safe, but always check reviews and app permissions.

Do color filters affect flashlight brightness?

Yes, some filters might slightly reduce brightness, so choose a material that allows enough light through.

Can I damage my phone using physical filters?

As long as the materials are heat-resistant and not too thick, they shouldn’t damage your phone.

What types of apps should I avoid?

Avoid apps with poor reviews or those that request unnecessary permissions.


  1. Download a third-party app
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Select your desired color
  4. Activate the flashlight
  5. Use physical filters if preferred
  6. Test your setup


So, there you have it! Changing the flashlight color on your iPhone 13 may not be a built-in feature, but it’s definitely achievable with a few clever tricks. Whether you’re using third-party apps or good old physical filters, you can add a splash of color to your flashlight in no time.

If you’re the creative type, this could be a fun project. Maybe you need a red light for night vision or a blue light for a cool effect. Whatever your reason, knowing how to customize your flashlight can come in handy.

For further reading, you might check out articles on the best flashlight apps or DIY filter methods. And be sure to experiment a bit! Sometimes the most unexpected solutions turn out to be the best.

Happy customizing, and may your iPhone 13 flashlight shine in whatever color you need!