How to Block a Number on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

How to Block a Number on iPhone 13

Blocking a number on your iPhone 13 is a simple process that can help you avoid unwanted calls and messages. By following a few easy steps, you can keep your phone free from disturbances. Here’s a quick rundown: go to the Phone app, find the number you want to block, and select the option to block it. In just a few taps, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t be bothered by that number again.

How to Block a Number on iPhone 13

Blocking a number on your iPhone 13 will stop calls, messages, and FaceTime requests from that number. Here’s how you can do it step-by-step:

Step 1: Open the Phone App

Open the Phone app on your iPhone 13 by tapping the green phone icon on your Home screen.

This is the app you use to make and receive calls. It’s usually located at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Go to the Recents Tab

Tap on the "Recents" tab at the bottom of the screen.

The Recents tab will show you a list of all the calls you’ve received and made. This makes it easy to find the number you want to block.

Step 3: Find the Number

Scroll through the list and find the number you want to block.

You can either scroll manually or use the search bar at the top to find the number quicker.

Step 4: Tap the Information Icon

Tap the small “i” (information) icon next to the number you want to block.

This will take you to a screen with more details about the contact or number.

Step 5: Tap "Block this Caller"

Scroll down and tap “Block this Caller” at the bottom of the screen.

Once you tap this, a confirmation message will appear to make sure you really want to block the number.

Step 6: Confirm the Block

Tap "Block Contact" to confirm.

After confirming, you won’t receive calls, messages, or FaceTime requests from that number anymore.

After you complete these steps, the number you blocked won’t be able to bother you with calls, texts, or FaceTime requests. You’ll be able to see a record of blocked calls in your Recents tab, but your phone won’t ring.

Tips for Blocking a Number on iPhone 13

  • Double-Check the Number Before Blocking: Make sure you’re blocking the correct number to avoid any mistakes.
  • Use Contacts for Easy Blocking: If the number is saved in your contacts, you can block them directly from the Contacts app.
  • Unblock if Needed: You can always unblock a number if you change your mind. Just go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts.
  • Do Not Disturb: Use the Do Not Disturb mode for a temporary break from calls and notifications.
  • Report Spam Calls: If the number is spam, report it to your carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block a number that’s not in my contacts?

Yes, you can block any number from your Recents list or manually add it in the Contacts app.

Will the person know they are blocked?

No, the person will not receive a notification or any indication that they have been blocked.

Can I see messages from blocked numbers?

No, messages from blocked numbers are not delivered to your phone.

How do I unblock a number?

Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts, then swipe left on the number you want to unblock and tap "Unblock."

Will blocking a number block FaceTime calls too?

Yes, blocking a number will also block FaceTime calls and messages from that number.


  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Go to Recents tab.
  3. Find the number.
  4. Tap the information icon.
  5. Tap "Block this Caller."
  6. Confirm the block.


Blocking a number on your iPhone 13 is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your peace of mind. Whether you’re avoiding telemarketers, spam calls, or just someone you’d rather not talk to, the steps outlined in this guide will help you achieve that. It’s a small but powerful tool in your iPhone’s arsenal to maintain a bit of personal space and privacy.

If you found this guide helpful, consider sharing it with friends or family who might benefit from knowing how to block a number on their iPhone 13. Also, explore other unique features your iPhone offers to make your life easier. Blocking numbers is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing your digital life effectively. Enjoy your newfound peace and quiet!