How to Add Stickers to Photos on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Adding stickers to your photos on an iPhone 13 is a fun way to personalize your pictures and make them more engaging. Whether you want to add some humor or just make your photos stand out, you can do it easily using the built-in tools on your iPhone. Here’s a quick overview on how to achieve this: open the Photos app, select the photo you want to edit, tap ‘Edit,’ and use the ‘Markup’ feature to add stickers.

How to Add Stickers to Photos on iPhone 13

If you’re looking to make your photos more lively, adding stickers is a great way to do it. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Step 1: Open the Photos App

First, open the Photos app on your iPhone 13.

This is your starting point. Once you’re in, all your photos will be right there waiting for you.

Step 2: Select the Photo

Tap on the photo you want to add stickers to.

Choosing the right photo is essential. Pick one that you think would look even better with a sticker.

Step 3: Tap ‘Edit’

In the top right corner, tap the ‘Edit’ button.

The ‘Edit’ feature will open up a range of tools for you, making your photo-editing journey easier.

Step 4: Tap the Markup Tool

Tap the three-dot icon in the top right and select ‘Markup.’

This tool is your gateway to all kinds of fun edits, including adding stickers.

Step 5: Choose Stickers

Now, tap the plus icon (+) at the bottom and select ‘Stickers.’

You’ll see a variety of stickers to choose from. Pick the ones that best suit your photo.

Step 6: Place the Sticker

Drag the sticker to where you want it on the photo.

Get creative! You can resize or rotate the sticker until it looks perfect.

Step 7: Save Your Changes

Once you’re satisfied, tap ‘Done’ and then ‘Save.’

Your photo is now sticker-enhanced and ready to share.

After completing these steps, your photo will have the stickers you’ve chosen, making it more lively and fun. You can now share it with friends, post it on social media, or keep it for personal enjoyment.

Tips for Adding Stickers to Photos on iPhone 13

  • Explore Different Stickers: Don’t just stick (pun intended) to one type. There are many options out there.
  • Use Multiple Stickers: Layering stickers can make your photos look even more awesome.
  • Experiment with Placement: Move stickers around until you find the perfect spot.
  • Resize as Needed: Sometimes bigger isn’t better. Adjust the sticker size to fit your photo.
  • Combine with Other Tools: Use filters or other markup tools to make your photo truly unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add multiple stickers to one photo?

Yes, you can add as many stickers as you like. Just keep tapping the plus icon (+) to add more.

Can I remove a sticker if I don’t like it?

Of course! Just tap on the sticker and select ‘Delete’ to remove it.

Does it cost anything to add stickers?

No, adding stickers using the Markup tool is free on your iPhone 13.

Can I edit the stickers after saving the photo?

You can, but you’ll need to re-enter the Markup tool to make any changes.

Are there more stickers available in third-party apps?

Yes, there are many apps on the App Store offering a wide variety of stickers.


  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Select the photo.
  3. Tap ‘Edit.’
  4. Tap the Markup tool.
  5. Choose stickers.
  6. Place the sticker.
  7. Save your changes.


Adding stickers to photos on your iPhone 13 is a breeze and a great way to jazz up your images. It’s a fun and creative process that lets you make any photo more engaging and personalized. Whether you’re adding a silly face to a friend’s picture or decorating a photo of your pet, the possibilities are endless.

If you want to explore even more photo-editing features, consider diving into third-party apps. They offer a broader range of stickers and tools that can help you take your photo-editing game to the next level.

So go ahead, grab your iPhone 13, and start adding some stickers to your photos. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to make your memories even more memorable. Happy editing!