How to Add Bullet Points in Google Slides: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Adding bullet points in Google Slides is a simple task that can help organize your content and make your presentation more visually appealing. In just a few quick steps, you can turn a block of text into a neatly formatted list.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Add Bullet Points in Google Slides

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that adding bullet points can help you present information in a clear and concise way. It makes your slides easier to read and can keep your audience engaged.

Step 1: Select the Text Box

Click on the text box where you want to add bullet points.

After clicking on the text box, you’ll see a blinking cursor indicating that you can start typing or editing text.

Step 2: Click on the Bulleted List icon

Look for the toolbar at the top of your slide and click the bulleted list icon.

You’ll find the bulleted list icon in the top toolbar; it looks like three horizontal lines with dots to the left.

Step 3: Start typing your list

After clicking the icon, a bullet point will appear, and you can begin typing your first item.

Hit enter after typing your first item, and a new bullet will appear for the next item on your list.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a well-organized list that can help emphasize key points in your presentation.

Tips: Enhancing Bullet Points in Google Slides

  • Customize your bullet points by changing the color, size, or style to match your presentation theme.
  • Use sub-bullets to create a hierarchy in your information and make it easier to follow.
  • Keep your bullet points brief; use them to summarize information rather than present complete sentences.
  • Consider using icons or images as bullet points for a more visual impact.
  • Align your bullet points properly to maintain a clean and professional look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the style of my bullet points?

You can change the style of your bullet points by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the bulleted list icon and selecting a new style.

Can I add bullet points to existing text?

Yes, you can add bullet points to existing text by selecting the text and then clicking the bulleted list icon.

Is it possible to use custom images as bullet points?

While Google Slides doesn’t directly support custom images as bullet points, you can achieve a similar effect by inserting small images next to your text.

Can I change the indentation level of my bullet points?

Yes, you can change the indentation level by using the increase indent and decrease indent buttons in the toolbar.

How do I remove bullet points from my text?

To remove bullet points, select the text and click the bulleted list icon again, or press the backspace key.


  1. Select the text box.
  2. Click on the bulleted list icon.
  3. Start typing your list.


Congratulations, you’ve just learned how to add bullet points in Google Slides! This simple yet effective feature can transform a mundane block of text into a dynamic, easy-to-digest list that captures your audience’s attention. Remember, the key to a great presentation is not just the content but how you present it. Bullet points are a fantastic tool in your arsenal to break down complex information into bite-sized pieces. So go ahead, give your slides that extra edge with some well-placed bullet points, and watch as your presentations go from good to great!