How Do I Change My Printer from Offline to Online in Windows 11? Quick Guide


Michael Collins

Changing your printer from offline to online in Windows 11 is a breeze. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll have your printer up and running in no time. All you need to do is access your printer’s settings, make a few tweaks, and voila – your printer will be back online.

Step by Step Tutorial: Changing Printer from Offline to Online in Windows 11

Ever had that moment when you urgently need to print something, but your computer says your printer is offline? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But fear not, here’s a quick guide that will have your printer back online in a jiffy.

Step 1: Check Your Printer’s Connection

First things first, make sure your printer is properly connected to your computer or network.

If your printer is connected via a USB cable, ensure that it’s securely plugged into both your printer and your computer. If it’s a wireless printer, check that it’s connected to the correct network and that the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough.

Step 2: Use the Windows 11 Troubleshooter

Windows 11 has a built-in troubleshooter that can automatically detect and fix common printer issues.

Search for "troubleshoot settings" in your start menu and click on it. Then, select "Other troubleshooters" and click on "Printer". Follow the on-screen instructions and let the troubleshooter do its magic.

Step 3: Change Printer Status in Settings

Sometimes, your printer may be set to use offline mode. Here’s how to change it.

Go to "Settings" and then "Devices". Click on "Printers & Scanners" and find your printer in the list. Click on it and select "Open queue". In the new window, make sure "Use Printer Offline" is not selected. If it is, uncheck it.

Step 4: Restart the Print Spooler Service

The Print Spooler is a service that manages the print jobs sent to your printer. Restarting it can often fix printer issues.

Type "services" in the start menu and open it. Scroll down to find "Print Spooler", right-click on it, and select "Restart". This will clear any stuck print jobs and might bring your printer back online.

Step 5: Update Printer Drivers

Outdated or corrupt printer drivers can cause your printer to appear offline. Here’s how you can update them.

Go to "Device Manager" in your start menu, find your printer in the list, right-click on it, and select "Update driver". You can then search automatically for updated driver software.

After completing these steps, your printer should be back online and ready to print all the documents you need.

What Happens After You Complete the Action

Once you’ve followed all the steps, your printer should be switched from offline to online mode in Windows 11, and you should be able to print without any issues. If your printer is still not working, there may be a hardware issue or a deeper software problem that needs to be addressed.

Tips: Ensuring Your Printer Stays Online in Windows 11

  • Regularly check for updates for your printer drivers and install them.
  • Always ensure that your printer is set as the default printer in Windows 11.
  • Keep an eye on the printer queue to make sure there are no stuck jobs.
  • Ensure your printer is properly connected to your computer or network at all times.
  • Restart your printer and computer periodically to refresh their connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my printer keep going offline?

There could be various reasons, such as connectivity issues, outdated drivers, or incorrect settings. Check the connection, update the drivers, and make sure the printer is set to online.

How do I set my printer as the default printer in Windows 11?

Go to "Settings", then "Devices", and click on "Printers & Scanners". Find your printer, click on it, and select "Manage". Then, click "Set as default".

What do I do if my printer is not listed in the Printer & Scanners section?

Make sure your printer is turned on and connected. If it’s still not listed, try adding it by clicking "Add a printer or scanner" and follow the prompts.

Can I still print if my printer is offline?

No, if your printer is offline, it cannot receive print jobs. You’ll need to bring it back online to print.

How do I know if my printer drivers are outdated?

You’ll often receive notifications, or you can check the manufacturer’s website for the latest driver updates.


  1. Check Printer’s Connection
  2. Use Windows 11 Troubleshooter
  3. Change Printer Status in Settings
  4. Restart the Print Spooler Service
  5. Update Printer Drivers


There you have it, folks – a simple and straightforward guide to changing your printer from offline to online in Windows 11. No more pulling your hair out when you see that dreaded "offline" status. Just breathe, follow the steps, and you’ll be back to printing in no time. Remember to keep your drivers updated, connections secure, and settings in check to avoid future offline mishaps. And if you’re ever in doubt, just revisit this article for a quick refresher. Happy printing!