Hey Siri, Set a Reminder: How to Stay Organized with Your iPhone


Michael Collins

Setting a reminder on your iPhone using Siri is simple and quick. You only need to activate Siri and tell it when and what you need to be reminded about. After reading the brief explanation below, you’ll be able to set a reminder in no time.

Step by Step Tutorial on Setting a Reminder Using Siri

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that these instructions will help you set a reminder using Siri on your iPhone. It’s a hands-free method that’s perfect for when you’re on the go.

Step 1: Activate Siri

To start, activate Siri by saying "Hey Siri" or holding down the home or side button on your iPhone.

Activating Siri is the first step in setting a reminder. You can do this either by simply saying "Hey Siri" if you have "Listen for ‘Hey Siri’" enabled in your settings or by pressing and holding the home button (for older iPhone models) or the side button (for iPhone X or later).

Step 2: Tell Siri to Set a Reminder

Once Siri is listening, tell it to set a reminder. For example, you can say, "Hey Siri, set a reminder to call mom tomorrow at 9 AM."

After activating Siri, the next step is to give a command to set a reminder. Make sure to include the specific time and date for the reminder, as well as what you need to be reminded about. Siri will then confirm the details with you.

Step 3: Confirm the Reminder Details

Siri will ask you to confirm the details of the reminder. Once you confirm, Siri will set the reminder for you.

After telling Siri to set a reminder, it will repeat the details back to you for confirmation. If everything is correct, simply say "Yes" or "Confirm" and your reminder will be set. If something is incorrect, you can tell Siri to change it.

After completing the above steps, Siri will add the reminder to your iPhone’s Reminders app. You will receive a notification at the specified time and date, reminding you of the task you set.

Tips for Setting a Reminder Using Siri

  • Make sure that Siri is enabled on your iPhone in your settings.
  • Speak clearly and concisely when giving commands to Siri.
  • Include specific details like time and date in your reminder command.
  • Remember to confirm the details of the reminder when Siri prompts you.
  • You can also ask Siri to set location-based reminders, such as "Remind me to buy milk when I leave work."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a reminder for a specific location?

Yes, you can set a location-based reminder by telling Siri the location where you want to be reminded.

Can I edit a reminder after setting it with Siri?

Yes, you can edit reminders in the Reminders app if you need to change any details.

Will Siri remind me if my phone is on silent?

Your iPhone will still display the reminder notification even if the phone is on silent, but the reminder alert sound will not play.

Can I use Siri to set reminders on other devices?

Yes, as long as you’re signed into the same Apple ID, Siri can set reminders on other Apple devices like your iPad or Mac.

What if Siri doesn’t understand my command?

If Siri doesn’t understand, try rephrasing your command or check that Siri is set up correctly in your iPhone settings.


  1. Activate Siri
  2. Tell Siri to set a reminder
  3. Confirm the reminder details


In this age of bustling schedules and endless tasks, having a virtual assistant like Siri to set reminders for us is a game-changer. Gone are the days of scribbling notes on paper only to lose them later. With a quick "Hey Siri, set a reminder," we can effortlessly keep track of our to-do’s, appointments, and important dates. Not only does it help us stay organized, but it also allows us to focus on the present without the nagging fear of forgetting something crucial. So, give it a try, and let Siri help you manage your time more effectively. And remember, the more you use Siri, the better it gets at understanding your commands and preferences. Happy reminding!