Facetime Layout Changes: A Guide to the New Interface


Michael Collins

Facetime layout is an important aspect of video calling that enhances the overall user experience. This quick overview will help you understand how to navigate and customize the Facetime layout during your calls. With a few simple steps, you can optimize your Facetime layout for better communication and a more enjoyable experience.

Step by Step Tutorial: Facetime Layout

Before diving into the steps, it’s worth noting that adjusting the Facetime layout allows you to personalize your video calls, making it easier to focus on what matters most during your conversations. Whether you’re chatting with friends, family, or colleagues, a well-organized layout can make all the difference.

Step 1: Open Facetime

Launch the Facetime app on your Apple device.

When you open Facetime, you’ll see a list of recent calls and contacts. From here, you can initiate a new call or join an existing one.

Step 2: Start a Video Call

Select a contact and initiate a video call by tapping the video icon.

Once the call connects, you’ll be able to see your contact’s video feed, as well as your own in a smaller window.

Step 3: Access Layout Options

During the call, tap your screen to reveal additional options and access the layout settings.

You may have to tap a few times to bring up the menu, as it may hide to offer a full-screen view of the video feed.

Step 4: Switch Camera Views

Switch between the front and rear cameras by tapping the camera icon.

This can be useful if you want to show something around you or switch to a more flattering angle.

Step 5: Change Aspect Ratio

Choose your preferred aspect ratio by selecting the appropriate option from the settings.

The aspect ratio affects the shape of the video feed, so you can pick one that best fits your screen or personal preference.

Step 6: Enable Grid View

Enable grid view if you’re in a group call to see all participants at once.

The grid view is especially helpful when engaging with multiple people, ensuring no one is left out of the conversation.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a Facetime layout that suits your needs and preferences. The layout changes will remain active throughout the call and can be adjusted at any time.

Tips for Optimizing Your Facetime Layout

  • Experiment with different aspect ratios to find the one that works best for you.
  • Use grid view in group calls to keep track of all participants.
  • Adjust the size of your own video feed to avoid distractions.
  • Make sure to have good lighting, so your video feed is clear.
  • Remember to switch back to the front camera if you’ve been using the rear one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add more people to a Facetime call?

To add more people, tap the screen, then swipe up to access the menu and select "Add Person."

Can I change the layout after the call has started?

Yes, you can adjust the layout anytime during the call by accessing the layout settings.

Is there a limit to how many people can be in grid view?

The grid view can show up to 32 participants at once, depending on your device’s capabilities.

Will my layout preferences be saved for future calls?

Your layout preferences are specific to each call and will not be saved for future calls.

Can I use custom backgrounds in Facetime?

Custom backgrounds are not currently available in Facetime, but you can use a physical backdrop or adjust your environment for a more personalized setting.


  1. Open Facetime.
  2. Start a video call.
  3. Access layout options.
  4. Switch camera views.
  5. Change aspect ratio.
  6. Enable grid view.


Facetime is more than just a way to make video calls; it’s a platform that allows for personalized communication. With the facetime layout, you can tailor your video calls to fit your style and preferences, creating an enjoyable experience for both you and the people you’re chatting with. Whether you’re catching up with friends, conducting a virtual meeting, or just saying a quick hello, knowing how to optimize your Facetime layout can make all the difference.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different settings until you find the perfect layout for your needs. Remember, the goal is to make your video calls as seamless and comfortable as possible. With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be a Facetime pro in no time, ready to connect with the world in your own unique way. Happy video calling!