Autofill Credit Card on iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide


Michael Collins

Let’s talk about how to use the autofill credit card feature on your iPhone 14. This nifty tool can save you time and hassle when you’re shopping online or filling out forms. In less than 100 words, here’s the quick scoop: Head over to Safari, find AutoFill in your settings, and input your credit card details. Once that’s done, the next time you’re at a checkout page, just tap the credit card field, and voilĂ , your info pops up!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Use Autofill Credit Card on iPhone 14

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. By enabling the autofill feature, your iPhone 14 will store your credit card information securely and fill in the details automatically whenever you need to make a payment online.

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to your iPhone 14’s settings menu.
In this step, you’re looking for the iconic gear icon that’s usually on your home screen. Tap it to open up a world of options for customizing your iPhone experience.

Step 2: Scroll to ‘Safari’

Find and select ‘Safari’ to access its settings.
Safari is Apple’s web browser, and it’s where the magic of autofill happens. Scrolling down through your settings, you’ll find Safari nestled among the other apps.

Step 3: Tap ‘AutoFill’

Once in Safari’s settings, look for the ‘AutoFill’ option and tap it.
AutoFill is your key to a faster checkout process. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that stores your info securely and makes filling out forms a breeze.

Step 4: Enter Your Credit Card Information

In the AutoFill section, choose ‘Saved Credit Cards’ and input your credit card details securely.
Here’s where you’ll add your credit card information. Don’t worry; it’s safe. Apple takes security seriously, so your details are stored in an encrypted format.

After you’ve completed these steps, the next time you’re shopping online and reach the payment stage, just tap on the credit card field. Your iPhone will offer to fill in your card details automatically. It’s that easy!

Tips: Making the Most of Autofill Credit Card on iPhone 14

  • Always keep your iOS updated to ensure the highest level of security for your stored credit cards.
  • Consider using Face ID or Touch ID for added security when autofilling credit card information.
  • Double-check the information that’s autofilled to ensure accuracy before submitting any forms.
  • You can store multiple credit cards in Safari’s AutoFill; handy for personal and business use.
  • Remember to remove any expired or canceled credit cards from your AutoFill settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the credit card autofill feature on iPhone 14?

Your credit card details are stored in an encrypted format within the Secure Element of your iPhone, making it very secure.

Can I use autofill for other information besides credit cards?

Yes, you can also autofill your contact information, like names and addresses, using this feature.

What happens if my iPhone 14 is lost or stolen?

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can use the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature to remotely wipe your device, including any saved credit cards.

Can I add more than one credit card to autofill on my iPhone 14?

Absolutely, you can add multiple credit cards to autofill for your convenience.

Will autofill work with all browsers on my iPhone 14?

Autofill primarily works with Safari, but some third-party browsers may support the feature as well.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll to ‘Safari’
  3. Tap ‘AutoFill’
  4. Enter Your Credit Card Information


Autofill credit card on iPhone 14 is a game-changer for online shopping and form filling. It’s a feature that’s not only a massive time-saver but also a secure way to manage your payment options. The steps to set it up are straightforward, and once in place, you can bid farewell to the tedious task of entering your credit card details manually. Moreover, Apple’s security features ensure that your sensitive information remains protected.

Remember, technology is there to make your life easier, and the autofill credit card feature is a perfect example of this. Embrace the convenience it offers, but also be mindful of keeping your software updated and double-checking information before submitting forms. If you’re ever in doubt about security or how to manage your autofill settings, Apple’s support channels are there to help.

So, why not take a moment to set up autofill credit card on your iPhone 14 today? It’s a small step for you, but a giant leap for your online shopping experience. Happy shopping!