Game application development

Game application development 'Angry Birds' is one of the well-known gaming apps, it has swept everyone away and raked in over a billion dollars and paved the way for a cultural phenomenon.

Game application development

Game application development

'Angry Birds' is one of the well-known gaming apps, it has swept everyone away and raked in over a billion dollars and paved the way for a cultural phenomenon. Many people, of all ages, are addicted to computer games, which provides opportunities for game app developers who recognize the potential for profit.

Many customers are interested in how to develop apps similar to 'Angry Birds' and how they can compete in this market.

In fact, anyone who learns the basics of application development can easily generate an additional annual income of 100,000 NIS. If you think about the number of people who search for gaming apps every day, you will understand that there is high potential here.

Adoption of the concept and its implementation through an original idea

Of course, we will not copy the ideas of others and we will not try to develop an Angry Birds style game when we have just replaced the birds with animals after. In order to be successful it is important to be creative and think outside the box; At the same time, the concept must be simple in order for the average surfer to understand the game so that the game will appeal to a wider market.

Focus on the user experience and build a game that will allow users to develop the skill needed for the game through experience and perseverance (playing time).

For professional application development, you will probably need to invest in a MAC computer where you can find the development tools for iPhone. The use of development tools on PCs is not very practical.

Registration as an application developer

In order to develop applications and work with iTunes and SDK, you must register as Apple Map. Registration is free and requires filling in personal details and accepting the terms of the agreement. In Apple's development area you will find a lot of valuable information for new developers, the information refers to application development in general and game development in particular.

You can also besiege the tools with which you can develop applications for other iOS devices, including tools for building an interface and an iOS simulator. In order to use the interface, you will need to enter the company name and EIN number which will be issued for you as a developer. Please note that your details cannot be changed in the future so it is important to make sure you have typed them correctly.

The iOS programming guide includes many tools that will help you specialize in the field. It includes the iOS Human interface that allows you to enhance the user experience, as well as coding examples and other tools. This is definitely a good place to start.

Outsource application development and games

If you are interested in developing an application, this does not mean that you have to personally deal with all the construction, design and development processes. In fact, if it is not your domain you better outsource. On the net, you will find quite a few developers who can do the work for you for a fee.

When programming meets design

Once you've worked on the design and have the skeleton of the app, the programming phase enters the picture. As we have already said this is a complicated job that you can outsource to an outside programmer. If you still want to do it yourself you can do it using Objective-C, but it requires you to learn the programming language. Remember that gameplay is a complicated thing to program.

Then check the application using the iPhone simulator (iPhone Simulator) which allows you to test the application on the computer. This is the stage where you need to look for glitches and bugs, which will ultimately hurt the user experience. If you want a more realistic test environment you can export the app to your iPhone device. If necessary any problem that is discovered should be fixed.

In order to upload the app to iTunes, you must pay the annual membership fee of $ 99. Once you have uploaded the app you can enlist the help of community members to review the app and get feedback. When you are ready to launch you must apply for approval, which may take time.

The difficulties in game development

Game apps, such as 'Angry Birds' are complex development apps. Along with the technical aspects, they also require an understanding of the game psychologist. If you notice there is a mechanism of scoring, stages and levels; The more experience the user gains the more he can gain benefits. 

Everything we have detailed in this article is the essence of what is expected of you, whether you want to develop the app on your own or whether you turn to a company that will develop it for you. In order to get a direct impression, feel free to start playing with the development tools and learn more about the process.